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Driving growth for multi-unit retail brands with disparate markets

How a scalable, tailored advertising approach can deliver efficiency and results

How does a brand achieve efficient, effective advertising when it has 150 locations nationwide, each with a unique challenge? How do you plan media when your brand is well-known in one market but new to another?

The answer is to create a tailored approach that can be executed at scale.


As an example of how that works in practice, let’s look at Smile Doctors.

Smile Doctors, a rapidly growing orthodontic clinic brand, came to us for marketing support for more than 150 brick-and-mortar clinics nationwide. To reach their business goals for the year, they needed an agency capable of creating an efficient advertising model to take each clinic’s unique needs into account.


To create a tailored approach that could be executed at scale, we began by researching and analyzing multiple factors, including:

  • Market competition
  • Past campaign performance by tactic
  • Brand maturity in each market
  • Market-specific demographics
  • Addressable audience in each market

We then classified all 150 clinics based on research findings and tailored our tactics to each classification. Here are two general examples as an illustration:

ClassificationTactics Recommended
Recently acquired clinics in highly competitive markets; low brand awarenessOutdoor advertising
Programmatic video
Display ads
Facebook ads with multiple objectives
Paid search campaigns
Clinics in rural markets with less competition; high brand awarenessDirect response marketing to drive conversions with Facebook ads and paid search campaigns

This blend of channels across classifications allowed us to build brand awareness where needed while efficiently maintaining consistent bottom-line results across the brand’s 150 clinics.

Given the volume of daily clinic-level marketing performance and customer data we received, we knew that we’d need to rely on a powerful business intelligence tool. Using Domo enabled us to identify underperforming markets and develop correlations between  each tactic’s impact and the cost per conversion. Our monthly performance reports, insight summaries and strategic recommendations reflected the campaigns’ evolution in each market.


Since we launched our tailored model, all local and brand-level metrics — including branded search volume, brand awareness and direct response rate — have consistently shown positive results. Through ongoing optimizations, we also improved cost per conversion by 49% and ROAS by 118%.

Let’s make plans for your retail brand

We’re excited to put our tailored approach to work for your retail locations. Talk with us about your current marketing challenge, and we will formulate a scalable plan that can be tailored to each of your location’s needs.