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A Few Lessons We Learned From 2020

2020 changed how we work forever. Our team shares what learnings they are taking into 2021 and beyond.

In March of 2020, the marketing world had to turn on a moment’s notice. As the entire industry adjusted to WFH realities, messaging adjusted as well. 

Well, March 2021 is here, and while the landscape of marketing is still changing at a rapid speed, marketers need to be ready for what’s next. 

We tapped a few members of our team in order to give us a perspective on a handful of topics relevant to marketing in 2021.

The human connection … whether that’s personalized, heartfelt content in your campaigns, video calls with those you don’t regularly video with, or embracing pets and kids during meetings, the need for human connection was strong in 2020, and I don’t see that going away in 2021!

Photo of Jill Ellis
Jill Ellis – Account Service

In the past year, outward consumer behavior changed in dramatic and obvious ways. But how consumers think, their beliefs and their self-concepts have also changed in ways that may not be immediately obvious. Transitions can sneak up on us and 2021 is a time of great transition. It’s imperative that companies use research to reevaluate their understanding of customer needs at a deeper level and adjust marketing plans accordingly.

Photo of Natalie Gover
Natalie Gover – Brand Strategy and Insights

Don’t sleep on Virtual Events! Companies are finding creative ways to connect with their consumers through virtual events like Zoom Happy Hours and Instagram Live series. These are great opportunities to launch a new product, give some cool tips, tricks or even offer some freebies.

Photo of Gina Hayes
Gina Hayes – PR + Social Media

In-home Studios and DIY productions are going to be here to stay. Knowing the basics of production is going to be everyone’s job. File sharing is our biggest obstacle.

Photo of John Markham
John Markham – Broadcast and Production


Don’t press snooze on change. Embrace it and use it to build a better plan for continuing changes in 2021! We hope our colleagues’ advice will serve as an inspiration to embrace what you’ve learned from 2020. We know this list is not exhaustive so we invite you to share some of your thoughts with us on social media!