Archer Malmo Announces “Archer Acre,” Dedicated to Agency’s Agriculture Practice

Agency celebrates end-of-season harvest with party featuring Archer Acre crops

Memphis, Tenn. (Oct. 9, 2019) – Archer Malmo, a leading brand communications agency with offices in Memphis and Austin, recently announced its very own “Archer Acre” – nearly two acres of land at the Agricenter International in Memphis. First established in 2017, Archer Acre serves as a resource for the agency’s ag practice, allowing the team to test and experience client products first-hand and gain a better understanding of the industry.  

“As a marketing agency with global clients, we hire professionals based on specific creative skill sets and talents, but some of them have never even been on a farm,” said Fred Nichols, SVP and Group Account Director at Archer Malmo. “Archer Acre gives our team the chance to get up close and personal with the world’s greatest profession and see how crops are raised – from planting right up through harvest.”  

Throughout each growing season, members of the team visit the Archer Acre to observe crop development at critical stages such as emergence, pollination and boll development. In addition, the team is able to study how certain variables including weather, weeds and insects affect crops – gaining an understanding of what farmers around the country experience every day.

For the past three years, Archer Acre has grown corn, soybeans and cotton. This year, the farm expanded to include a variety of specialty crops. Showcasing skills from the creative, digital and production teams, the agency recently hosted a “Harvest Party” that featured Archer Acre-branded products using crops from the farm.  

“Since we work with several clients in the ag industry, it was important for our team to really understand their line of work and demonstrate our commitment to agriculture,” said Matt Whitaker, Associate Creative Director at Archer Malmo. “Having our own farm (Archer Acre) gives us the unique opportunity to showcase our own skills but also learn more about our clients and their audiences outside of a traditional office setting. 

Next year, Archer Acre will expand its line of branded products, experiment with raising non-traditional crops and partner with AgLaunch, a world-class accelerator for ag startups, to test and showcase new innovations on the farm. 

“The evolution of our farm aligns with the direction of our ag practice,” said Nichols. “It’s all about driving the consumer-connected, new paradigm of agriculture.” 

To follow Archer Acre’s creative work throughout the year, follow @archeracre on Instagram and Twitter.