What Has More Potential than a Blank Page?

When International Paper asked us to find the untapped potential of their paper products, we answered with a simple solution: brilliant design. A paper promotion is a designer’s greatest challenge, which also makes it a designer’s dream. We pushed the paper to its limits and employed every production trick in the book — all of it designed to the individual paper, showcasing benefits for printers, paper merchants, and other designers.

by George graphic
by george packaging examples
siren song logo
siren song packaging
siren song pattern
shine logo
seashine packaging
seashine packaging example two
pawleys sea salt caramel logo
pawleys sea salt caramel packaging
pawleys sea salt caramel illustration of a boy underwater
s logo
plunder logo
beacon pattern
seaweed and salt scrub packaging
plunder packaging
beacon packaging
seaweed and salt scrub logo
plunder packaging top
beacon logo